Repair services and part sales are suspended on the following products:

TT-02 Visual Presenter
TT-02u Visual Presenter
TT-02s Visual Presenter
TT-02RX Visual Presenter
P10S Visual Presenter
P10 (2009) Visual Presenter
P30S Visual Presenter
P100 Visual Presenter
P100(B) Visual Presenter
P100N Visual Presenter
HV-110XG Visual Presenter
HV-110u Visual Presenter
ECA-1A PentaClass Audio System
ECA-1AB PentaClass Audio System
ECA-1ABM PentaClass Audio System
CRV-24 Student Response System
CRV-32 Student Response System

While replacement parts and repair services will no longer be available, common accessories such as
power adapters, connection cables, and similar items will remain available for the foreseeable future.
Technical support for these products will remain available, however, resolutions to problems may be
For questions related to the content of this notice please contact David Myott, Senior Manager,
Customer Support, at 516.501.1400 x101 or dmyott@elmousa.com.
Thank you for your continued support.

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