MO-1 Troubleshooting

MO-1 Troubleshooting

Having trouble setting up your MO-1 document camera? Use this article to troubleshoot common issues!

Issue: Document Camera not recognized by computer.
Most Common Cause: Cable issue.
Solution: Connect camera to your computer using the USB output. Do not use a USB Hub or Extender. 
Secondary Cause: Faulty USB Cable.
Secondary Solution: Replace USB Cable.

Issue: No video output.
Most Common Cause: Incorrect output mode.
Solution: Press the output button on the MO-1 to cycle between HDMI, RGB, and USB out.
Secondary Cause: Faulty Cable
Secondary Solution: Replace Cable

Issue: No HDMI output.
Most Common Cause: Wrong HDMI port used.
Solution: Please use the Micro HDMI port for video output. 

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