Obtaining Non-Warranty Service

Obtaining Non-Warranty Service

How to Obtain Non-Warranty Service
To obtain non-warranty servicing, you should:
(1) Arrange for the delivery of the equipment to the Authorized ELMO Service Center. Equipment shipped to the Service Center must be safely and securely packed, preferably in the original shipping carton. Insurance is recommended. All transportation and insurance charges must be prepaid by you. A traceable shipping method is recommended. NOTE: In the USA a return material authorization (RMA) number is not required and will not be issued.
(2) Provide a letter explaining the defect (See below).
(3) If you have any question about service, please contact one of the following ELMO Service Centers:


After your equipment arrives (USA Customers)
(1) A written estimate will be provided to you after your unit is evaluated. The estimate will included all parts and labor to return the equipment to good working order.
(2) There are three options for answering your estimate:
(a) You would like to have the repair completed. If this box is selected you equipment will be repaired and returned to you once full payment of the estimate is received. All payments must be made via a check or credit card. You will not be billed and a purchase order will not be accepted.
(b) You would not like to have your repair completed and would like the equipment returned. If this box is selected the equipment will be returned after payment of the estimation fee and the return shipping charges. The estimation fee is $43.50.
(c) You would not like to have your repair completed and would like to abandon your equipment. If this box is selected your equipment will become the property of ELMO USA Corp. and recycled according to local law.
NOTICE: Non-warranty items left unclaimed for a period of 180 days from receipt will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of ELMO’s discretion.


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