Connecting your Wireless Camera to an ELMO Cast

Connecting your Wireless Camera to an ELMO Cast

1. Identify the HDMI input ports available on your display. Connect the ELMO Cast to the HDMI input, and then connect the ELMO Cast to power over USB. 


2. Switch the display input to the ELMO Cast. Take note of the device name. 

More info about the ELMO Cast can be found in our ELMO Cast Overview article.

3. Connect your Wireless ELMO Camera to a display and navigate to the Home menu. Then, open the Miracast app. Please note that Miracast cannot be used if the USB Camera setting is enabled.

For help connecting your ELMO Camera to a display please see our help article for connecting to a TV, Monitor, or projector.

4. Select the ELMO Cast to begin casting.

5. Enter the ELMO's Settings Menu to enable auto reconnect. From now on, the ELMO will automatically start wirelessly casting when powered on in range of the ELMO Cast. 

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