TT-12i and TT-12iD USB Mode

TT-12i and TT-12iD USB Mode

The TT-12i and TT-12iD must have the USB Mode Setting set to “UVC” to be recognized natively by a computer Operating System. During this process ensure the USB cable is NOT connected to the camera as it may cause the setting change to fail.

1. Connect the document camera to a display (e.g. monitor, TV, projector, etc.  Not a computer) using the HDMI or RGB output. The on screen menu is not available when using the USB or composite video connections.

2. Press the Menu button the camera base to activate the on screen menu.

3. Using the button on the base (Figure 1) navigate to the Preferences Icon (Figure 2)

4. Navigate to the USB Mode sub-menu (Figure 3) and press select to enter the menu.

5. Select UVC from the menu.

6. Return to the home menu and navigate to the Exit icon in the bottom right corner of the menu screen.

7. Power down the document camera.

8. Connect the USB cable and power on the camera.

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