PX-10E and PX-30E Product Support

PX-10E and PX-30E Product Support

Having trouble setting up your PX series document camera? Use this article to troubleshoot common issues and get answers to your questions! 


Camera not recognized / No image from camera
Solution: Change cable and/or input port. Reset/reinstall software on computer.
Secondary Solution: Use correct cables and output for setup. USB for computers or HDMI / VGA for displays (Monitor, Tv, Projector, ect)

Image too bright / dark
Solution: Adjust brightness or turn LED on/off. 

Image is out of focus
Solution: Press AF button. Adjust distance between object and lens.

My device will not output video (HDMI or RGB).
Solution:  Potential resolution mismatch. Press the Document Camera input button multiple times to cycle resolution settings.

Device unresponsive / not working as expected. 
Solution:  Please contact support to receive a firmware refresh.


Why does my Computer see my device, but I can't use it as a camera?
A: Your device is in the wrong USB mode. Please open the settings menu on your device and set the USB Mode to ’UVC’ .

How do I setup my device for RS232 or TCP/IP Control?
A: Please see:
      RS232 Setup
      Network Setup 

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