TT-12W MA-1 MO-2 USB Camera Setting

Setting up your ELMO STEM Cam (TT-12W, MA-1, MO-2) for USB Connection

This article will explain how to setup your new ELMO STEM Cam for USB connection. Most TT-12W, MA-1, and MO-2 cameras will require this guide, but not all steps may be necessary. 

After following this guide, please see our guide for Connecting your Camera to a Computer .

In order to follow these steps you will need the following items:
  1.  The MA-1, MO-2 or TT-12W Camera
  2.  A HDMI or RGB Compatible Display (e.g. TV, Projector, Monitor, etc.)
  3.  A HDMI or RGB Cable
1. Connect the camera to a display using the HDMI or RGB output.  For help please see below.

Connecting your Camera to a TV or Monitor

Connecting your Camera to a Projector

Note: A USB, HDMI or RGB connection to a laptop or other computer cannot be used for this step.
If this the first time connecting in this manner you will encounter the Region Selection screen. (If this does not appear, skip to step 3)

2. Using the control panel buttons on the MO-2 and TT-12W (the  buttons have arrows notating direction) or the touchscreen on the MA-1, select your region.

3. You will now see the camera image on your display. Use the Home  button on the MA-1 and MO-2 or the Menu button on the TT-12W to access the Android Home screen. (Installed Apps may vary)

4. Using the control panel buttons, navigate to gear icon in the lower  right-hand corner of the Android Home screen and press Enter. Using the touchscreen simply touch the gear icon.

5. Navigate down in the Settings screen to find the option for USB  Camera.

6. Press enter on the control panel or tap using the touchscreen to  change the setting from Off to On. The slider to the right will change  from grey to green.

7. You can now connect the camera via USB to your computer for use  with ELMO Interactive Toolbox or the Image Mate + Cloud website.  You are also able to use it as a webcam in your favorite online  collaboration software.

‚ÄčThe camera image is displayed over the USB connection  when the camera is in Document Camera Mode. When in the  Android Home screen, the Settings menu or any App, the image is  not transmitted over USB. Press the Camera button on the control  panel for the MO-2 or TT-12W or tap the camera icon in the Android  Home screen on the MA-1 to enter Document Camera Mode.

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